Ringden Farm Apple Juice was set up by Chris and Lesley Dench in 1990 using the fruit from their orchards after a violent hailstorm marked the crop. They now produce a range of over 20 award-winning single variety apple juices. The use of traditional pressing methods and slow pasteurisation preserves the real flavour of English apples.



A very dry juice with an almost citrus flavour, excellent for cooking where dry cider is called for, or chilled with sparkling water as an aperitif.


A sharp refreshing juice with all the flavour of England’s favourite cooking apple.

Lord Derby

A slightly thicker juice with a lovely sharp tang, with an undernote of caramel.

Medium Dry

Charles Ross

A juice with a pleasant texture and sweetness balanced by a slight sharpness.

Howgate Wonder

A dual purpose apple which makes  a complex flavoured juice, a slight sweetness that has a refreshing sharp balance to it.

George Cave

An apple which has fallen out of favour due to its extremely short season, but it makes a fairly thick juice with a pleasant balance.


A juice which tastes exactly the same as the apple, if you love discovery apples, then you can now enjoy them all year round in juice form.


Cox / Bramley

A blend of the two classic English varieties. Our most popular juice and winner of multiple awards.

Red Pippin

A fairly new variety, which makes a slightly sharper juice than its Cox parent.


A Japanese variety that we grow, suitable for both eating and cooking, makes a juice with both good flavour and balance.


A very new variety from East Malling Research Station, it has both Cox and James Greive in its parentage, make a fairly thin but very flavoursome juice.

Golden Delicious

When grown in the English climate, Golden Delicious is actually a very nice variety. Sweetness overcomes most of the acid in the juice but enough sharpness creeps through to provide a surprisingly complex flavour.


A juice that has both sweetness and an overlying sharpness, it has a fairly thick texture.


A variety from Holland. Used as a cooking apple on the continent but grown as a dessert apple here in England. Makes a very pleasant juice, which almost has a milky quality to it.

Medium Sweet


Our second most popular juice after Cox/Bramley. It has a good rich flavour combined with an almost velvety texture.


Much like the apples, the juice has a straightforward ‘apple’ flavour, not too sweet or too sour, but a very pleasant balance between the two.


Another new variety from East Malling Research Station, it has both Cox and James Grieve as parents, but slightly sweeter than Meridian which is a related variety.


A late season American variety that we have grown for over 40 years, the juice is fairly thin with a pleasant sweet flavour, slightly perfumed. A slight amount of acid is also detectable.

Worcester (Permain)

A juice that almost has a pear like quality, being less acidic than most of the other juices and this being reflected in the texture.

Lord Lambourne

An excellent juice that has a good depth of flavour, combined with a light texture.


(Egremont) Russet

The most popular sweet juice, an excellent rich texture, combined with many complex levels of flavour makes for an excellent drink.


A sweet juice with a slight vinous flavour, that adds extra depth to this juice.


A fairly sharp apple that makes a sweet juice, but all the refreshing qualities of Braeburn shine though.


A very sweet juice with almost no acid at all. It has a fairly thin texture but it is refreshing and its ‘clean’ finish make it a popular juice.

Ashmead’s Kernel

A juice similar to Egremont Russet but with a slightly thinner texture, whilst retaining  the depth of flavour and adding a slight acidity that is not present in Egremont.

Fruit Blends

Apple & Blackberry

A sweet juice with the flavour and sweetness of fresh Blackberries.

Apple & Blackcurrant

A sweet juice counterbalanced by the sharpness of English Blackcurrants

Apple & Cinnamon

A medium sweet juice using a Cinnamon leaf extract to give a wonderfully warming winter drink. Delicious hot or cold.

Apple & Elderflower

A classic combination of sweet apple juice with a carefully prepared Elderflower Infusion.

Apple & Ginger

A sweet Apple juice combined with finest Australian Root Ginger juice. Makes an excellent hot drink.

Apple & Mango

A medium apple juice combined with Alphonso Mango pulp, to make an creamy textured drink.

Apple & Plum

A medium apple juice mixed with English Plums, to make a refreshing sweet & sour drink.

Apple & Raspberry

Sweet apple juice mixed with sharp aromatic Scottish Raspberries for the perfect blend.

Apple & Rhubarb

Sweet apple juice mixed with astringent Rhubarb, for an excellent and thirst quenching drink.

Apple & Strawberry

A medium sweet apple juice blended with sweet Strawberries make a refreshing summer drink.

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