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The Farmers' Country Showdown

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Our Juices

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Ringden Farm apple Juice, established in 1963 is a family run business. We have an award-winning range of juices made from fruit grown, pressed and bottled in the heart of the Kent & The Sussex Weald.

We have an extensive range of English apple and pear juices as well as some original blends of fruits, berries and flowers.

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When to Pick?

To pick your fruit at their best, gently lift it and give a little twist.

If the fruit leaves the stalk in one, then it is ready for the picking.

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On Arrival

Bring your fruit in suitable containers. On arrival at the farm, please find a member of staff who will take your details and help unload your fruit ready to be pressed.

If you wish to make your own cider, please let us know and your juice will be unpasteurised. You will need to bring your own fermenting containers.

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All juice is pasteurised into our glass bottles and packaged up. It stays fresh for up to 2 years.

We will contact you when your juice is ready for collection. The whole process usually takes 3-4  weeks. However in exceptional circumstances it may take longer.

Our Apple Pressing Service

Our Produce

Ringden Farm is a family run business and we offer an extensive range of delicious juices, fresh fruit and other items such as jams and jellies. Feel free to browse through our products, some of witch have won "Great Taste" awards. 

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Our Produce
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