By sheer accident did we find this wonderful place. An apple orchard with a tiny little shop that sells produce and its own fresh pressed apple juice. The lovely lady in the shop was busy labelling the bottles in the back but took the time to give me little tastes of the varieties they make.

They ranged from the super sour Bramley to the medium Discovery and the slightly sweet Cox. All were delicious but I favoured the tartness of the Bramley. I’m not an apple juice person per say which is why I found it surprising that I’d be so taken by this cloudy sour nectar.

As you drive in they have an old sign that reads ‘as recommended by Rick Stein’ which is a sweet little reinforcement to how good it really is.

There was nothing nicer than seeing all the apples growing and watching the lady label the bottles while telling me all about the process. We bought 6 big bottles for £12 and because they aren’t widely available we’ve been rationing them.

tatianaemma, London