• Beurre Hardy

    Beurre Hardy

    Beurre Hardy is one of the finest dessert pears. Tender, juicy and sweet with a hint of rosewater. Introduced in France…

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  • Comice


    A popular pear, very sweet and with a fine texture. Introduced from France in 1849 it is still widely grown in…

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  • Concorde


    A high quality pear with a rich, sweet flavour very similar to Doyenne du Comice. The shape is a traditional pear…

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  • Conference


    A rich flavoured pear, perhaps not as sweet and juicy as some. Nonetheless, it is the most popular variety in…

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  • Red Comice

    Red Comice

    A new red coloured sport of Comice, slightly sweeter than the standard variety. The shape is wide, almost conical. The…

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  • Williams


    Originated in England in the 18th century. Pale green/yellow shape pear. Sweet, juicy fruit with distinct 'pear drop' flavour when fully ripe.

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