• Howgate Wonder

    Howgate Wonder

    Howgate Wonder has several excellent features for a cooking apple. First, when cooked, this variety of apple retains its shape…

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  • Ida Red

    Ida Red

    A dessert apple, that cooks well, keeping its form, becoming translucent. The apple is slightly flattened shape, with waxy skin,…

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  • James Grieve

    James Grieve

    James Grieve are a juicy apple with strong acidity at first, which then mellows as the fruit matures during September,…

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  • Jonagold


    A golden coloured dessert apple with orange-red flushing. The flavour is rich and sweet, almost honeyed. The flesh is creamy-white…

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  • Jupiter


    A medium to large dessert apple, very similar in texture to Cox, although it is slightly more acidic. It is…

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  • Katy


    Katy is an attractive medium-sized apple, usually bright red in colour over a light green yellow background.  Katy is a…

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  • Laxton Fortune

    Laxton Fortune

    Developed by the Laxton Brothers Nursery in the early 1900s. It’s still grown commercially on a small scale. It remains…

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  • Laxton’s Superb

    Laxton’s Superb

    A quality dessert apple, sweet, juicy, almost pear flavoured. It is ready to eat in late September. It is a…

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  • Limelight


    Limelight is a relatively new variety, bred by Hugh Ermin and introduced in 1980. It is an improved Greensleeves. It…

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  • Lord Derby

    Lord Derby

    Sometimes known as London Major, Lord Derby is still grown commercially today. The tree produces lavish crops of initially shiny…

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  • Lord Lambourne

    Lord Lambourne

    A dessert apple, the flavour is moderately sweet. The flesh is creamy white coloured, crisp and juicy. The skin has…

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  • Malling Kent

    Malling Kent

    A very rich flavour combining sugar and acidity. Coarse-fleshed with a tough skin. A good cropper for any area, disease resistant and…

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