• Conference


    A rich flavoured pear, perhaps not as sweet and juicy as some. Nonetheless, it is the most popular variety in…

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  • Cox’s Orange Pippin

    Cox’s Orange Pippin

    The most well known dessert apple. With a rich, slightly sweet, almost nutty flavour. The skin is occasionally russetted, with…

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  • Crimson Crisp

    Crimson Crisp

    As the name suggests, a very crisp apple with bright crimson colouring. Bred in the United States at Purdue University, West…

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  • Crispin (Mutsu)

    Crispin (Mutsu)

    The Mutsu apple, also called Crispin, is a large, yellowish-green fruit with an orange blush and juicy, tender-crisp, coarse-grained flesh.…

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  • Discovery


    The first of the English apples, Discovery is a cross between Worcester Permain and Beauty of Bath. It was first…

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  • Egremont Russet

    Egremont Russet

    Introduced in 1880. Prized as the most delicious of the English russets. Golden brown fruit. Often with black spots or…

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  • Ellisons Orange

    Ellisons Orange

    Ellisons Orange is an early (c1905) cross of Cox's Orange Pippin, and without doubt one of the most significant Cox-style…

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  • Elstar


    A dessert apple, crisp, juicy light textured, with a rich, sweet, almost honeyed flavour.  The skin is a dry yellow…

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  • Falstaff


    Fruity, well balanced flavour. Crisp and juicy. Frost resistant. Heaviest yielding apple. Can be stored easily and eaten throughout winter.…

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  • Fuji


    Fuji is surely one of the more attractive modern apple varieties. It is crisp and juicy, with dull white flesh,…

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  • Gala ‘Galaxy’

    Gala ‘Galaxy’

    A dessert apple, juicy, light textured, with a rich, sweet, almost pear drops flavour. The skin has a carmine red…

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  • Herefordshire Russet

    Herefordshire Russet

    A modern russet, with an excellent strong Cox-like flavour. Nobody is sure about the parentage, it may have been a chance…

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