• Ashmead’s Kernel

    Ashmead’s Kernel

    A high quality, old dessert apple with a sweet, slightly acid, highly aromatic flavour. With very firm, crisp, juicy flesh…

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  • Beurre Hardy

    Beurre Hardy

    Beurre Hardy is one of the finest dessert pears. Tender, juicy and sweet with a hint of rosewater. Introduced in France…

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  • Blenheim Orange

    Blenheim Orange

    A old, large dessert apple with a rich, dry, distinctive, very pleasant flavour. The skin has orange flush over greeny…

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  • Braeburn


    Fruit is medium to large, red striped with a red blush on a yellow background. The flesh is pale, cream…

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  • Bramley


    The most well known cooking apple in the UK. It is acid, yet sweet with a good flavour and plenty…

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  • Cameo


    Cameo is a very new apple variety. Unlike most modern apples Cameo is not the result of a long breeding programme.…

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  • Charles Ross

    Charles Ross

    It is named after the head gardener in the late 1800's at Welford Park in Berkshire who was a keen…

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  • Cheerfull Gold®

    Cheerfull Gold®

    A new variety bred by J.R. Breach in Staplehurst, Kent. Introduced in 2010, it is a cross between Cox Orange…

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  • Chivers Delight

    Chivers Delight

    In the 1920s Stephen Chivers started to develop his own apple varieties, of which Chivers Delight was the most successful.…

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  • Christmas Pippin

    Christmas Pippin

    Christmas Pippin is a chance seedling found at the side of the M5 in Somerset by Geoffrey Rowson, He liked…

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  • Comice


    A popular pear, very sweet and with a fine texture. Introduced from France in 1849 it is still widely grown in…

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  • Concorde


    A high quality pear with a rich, sweet flavour very similar to Doyenne du Comice. The shape is a traditional pear…

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