Bring & Bottle

Do you have too many apples from your trees at home? Are you a school looking for a way to raise funds? Maybe you would like to have a unique Christmas gift made from excess fruit. If so, we can help.

If you bring us your apples, we can press, bottle and pasteurise them for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q. - Are you still open despite the Covid-19 Restrictions?

A. - We are open, and still providing the service, the format is the same as previous years, but if we have more than one customer in the yard, all we ask is that you wait until we have finished with the previous customer before serving you. We are currently operating a one customer group, at a time in the shop and we won't be offering any tours around the pressing plant etc.

Q. - Do I have to book an appointment or let you know that I am coming?

A. - No, we are open Monday to Saturday, 08.30 until 17.00, just come along and we will take it from there.

Q. - I only have a few apples, is there a minimum amount?

A. - There isn't a minimum amount, but if you bring in smaller amounts the process will be as follows. On arrival your apples, as a whole batch, will be sorted into either Sharp, Medium or Sweet. They then will be pressed with other customers apples, of the same variety, to make a larger batch. The amount of juice you receive will depend on the weight of apples delivered. This is the only way we will be able to continue offering this service due to the demand.

Q. - How much juice will I get?

A. - It depends on the variety, condition and volume, as a rough guide, 3 lbs of apples will make a litre of juice. One of our plastic trays usually makes 12 bottles.

Q. - How long will it last?

A. - The juice is pasteurised and the bottles hot filled, we put an 24 month best-before date on ours, but the juice will keep longer.

Q. - How long will it take?

A. - The pressing service generally takes 2-4 weeks depending on how busy we are. We ask that as soon as you have been contacted that your juice is ready, that you collect as soon as possible. We have very limited space at this time of year so if people do not collect their juice unfortunately the process does take longer.

Q. - How much does it cost?

A. - The Price for the 2020 season is £1.44 per Litre. This includes pressing, bottling, pasteurisation and shrink wrapping into cases of 12.

If you would like any further information, then please contact us here.