English Pears

English pears, there is more than Conference!

Whilst Conference is by far and away the most popular pear in the UK and northern Europe, there are other varieties to consider.

We grow 6 different varieties of pear, each with there own different texture, sweetness and flavour. Most of the varieties originally come from France, as this was the centre of Pear breeding in the late 1800's. Most varieties need a nice warm summer to achieve the excellent flavour they are rightly know for amongst Pear connoisseurs.

The secret to perfectly ripe pears.

Pears are sometimes considered awkward to ripen properly. Some varieties are easier than others, and many people enjoy the refreshing crunch of a firm Conference or Concorde. To get perfectly ripe pears every time just follow these simple steps.

  1. When purchasing your pears, ask how long they will take to ripen.
  2. Make sure the pears are firm when purchased.
  3. Put the pears into the bottom of the fridge straight away.
  4. Leave them overnight to chill down properly.
  5. Take one or two out at a time.
  6. Place them in the warmest place in your house (An airing cupboard is ideal!)
  7. Check them by squeezing the top of the pear by the stalk.
  8. Once you can feel them going soft at the top, eat them!

Once your pears are ripe, they will need eating quickly, otherwise they will go 'sleepy' in the centre. At the beginning of the season they will need about 14 - 18 days somewhere warm (except Williams, which only ever need about 5 days.) So you may need to plan your pear purchasing in advance, but once you get into the habit of buying them for next week it becomes second nature!


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