English Apples

Most fruit growers only grow about 5 different varieties.

There are many reasons for this, some varieties are better to grow than others, some more resistant to pests and disease, but mainly it comes down to if they make financial sense. A good example of this is Cox's Orange Pippin, the U.K's most popular apple for the best part of 80 years. They used to receive a premium price, but now with all the major supermarkets looking to make the best margin they can and the influx of cheap imported fruit available all year round, they no longer command the premium they once did. This is why Gala has overtaken Cox's Orange Pippin as the UK's most popular apple, not only is it much easier to grow, it crops more reliably and heavily as well. It doesn't have the depth of flavour of a Cox, but it enables the fruit grower to make a living.

Heritage varieties need your help!

There are over 3,000 varieties of apple in the world, each with its own heritage and story. Some have been found at the side of country lanes, or growing out of cracks in castle walls. Most have been the result of years of breeding by nurseries or research stations. We grow 46 different varieties of apples here at Ringden Farm. Some of which we only have for one week in a season, or sometimes even less! With such a large range of apples, you get to sample some truly unique flavours, such as Ellison's Orange, which has a lovely aniseed flavour fresh off the tree. D'Arcy Spice that has a hint of nutmeg in a hot season and Pinova that has a flavour similar to Rose water. All these different textures and tastes mean that you should find your perfect apple amongst them all!

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