100% natural with nothing taken away

Pure fruit juice with no artificial additives, colourings, sugar or water.

Here at Ringden Farm we make apple juice in the traditional method. Fruit is graded and washed before being milled to a fine pomace, this is then pressed by two continuously revolving belts. The juice runs out to the collection tray, where a pinch of Vitamin C is added to stop the juice from oxidising. From here it is filtered through a coarse filter bag and pumped into barrels, which are then placed in the coldstore overnight.

All the juice is pressed, bottled, packed and dispatched here on the farm.

After settling overnight, the juice is taken into the bottling room, here it is filtered again and then pumped across into the feed tank. Once in the bottling machine, then juice is heated up to 86°c, then the bottles are hot filled and capped. Once the juice is in the bottle, it is labelled and ready to be dispatched.

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