Home delivery for our market customers.

Hello everyone, we hope that you are all staying safe.

Thanks to the recent relaxation of restrictions placed on outdoor markets we are happy to announce that we will be attending some of our regular markets once again. It has been a real privilege to serve all of our customers over the 21 years since we started attending the markets and we would like to extend our thanks to all of you who have been ordering fruit and juice directly from us in the last nine weeks.

We will be attending Chiswick Fine Food Market every Sunday, and we will also be at Wallington Farmers Market and Farnham Farmers Market.

We will also carry on with our home delivery service for those that still cannot attend the markets.

There will be no minimum order, but to cover the delivery costs there will be a £5 delivery charge.

Delivery days will be as follows,

If you normally attend Barnes, Chiswick, Surbiton or Kew markets, the delivery day will be Saturday or Sunday, depending on demand.

If you normally attend Wallington, Guildford, Milford or Farnham markets, the delivery day will be Wednesday

We will be offering our full range of Juice and Jam as per normal, however we will be only offering pre-packed fruit in 1kg bags of a single variety, as well as our £1 bags of small apples as per normal.

Please click here for what is available this week, https://www.ringdenfarm.co.uk/farm-news/what-is-available-for-home-delivery/

If you could fill in all of the fields in the form below and put your order into the Order Information box, then we will contact you by telephone to confirm your order and take payment over the phone. A receipt will be attached to your order when it has been delivered. All deliveries will be no contact and we will not be accepting cash.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us either by telephone on : 01580 879385 or by using the contact us form.

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