7th September, 2016

Welcome to our news update. It has been a busy couple of weeks, but we have started picking apples and pears again! The Discovery are all picked and in the coldstore, as are the Katy and Williams pears. Later on this week we will start picking St. Edmunds Pippin, Red Windsor and Worcester Pearmain, so we are starting to get a nice spread of varieties.

Everything has been a bit behind this year, but the recent rain has helped put a bit of size on the fruit. The skin finish is good, as is the colour, but the size was a little small, but they have soaked up the rain and put a burst of growth on.

We have started pressing apples for private customers again this year, so if you have too many apples to use at once, we can press and bottle it for you. If you look on the Juice page, all the common questions are in the F.A.Q and you can contact us by clicking on the link.

Thats it for this week.

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