7th March, 2016

Catillac Trees from F.P. Matthews Ltd

Hello everyone.

Sorry about the huge gap between posts, we have been very busy this winter, and I just haven't had time to update you all with whats been going on at the farm.

We have made a good dent in our pruning for this season, with just the 4 row bed Cox and the new orchard to go, so hopefully we will finish it soon!

Progress has been made on grubbing out an old Bramley orchard, the trees are now all out, and we are waiting for it to dry up before sorting the soil out before the new trees go in. Originally we were going to plant a new Pear orchard here, but have decided against that, as the site is quite exposed. So we are going to plant some more Braeburn 'Hilliwell' instead, as the other block we have has done really well.

This seasons delivery of new trees has arrived, with some Catillac pears arriving. These cooking pears are one of the traditional French cooking pear varieties. After cooking them slowly (about 2 hours) they have the most wonderful melting flesh, that turns bright pink during cooking. Similar in appearance to Doyenne Du Comice, but slightly larger with a crimson blush on the side that catches the sun. Hopefully we will have some of these available to sell by about 2019!

Thats all for this week

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