4th April, 2016

Hello and welcome to our farm news update.

This week we have been mainly doing outdoor jobs as we have had no power from Sunday until last night at about 10 o'clock.

We have been planting the remainder of our new Quince trees, so over the next couple of seasons we should have some new varieties to go with Vranja that we have currently. We have even planted a Russian variety that is suitable for eating raw, called Aromataya.

The pears are starting to move, as you can see in the picture of the Concorde buds, so it won't be long until blossom starts. Hopefully we will have a prolonged bout of warm weather to help the bees pollinate the trees. There were quite a lot of Bumblebees about over the weekend thanks to the warmer weather, so hopefully they will be busy!

Outdoor Rhubarb has just started, we cut our first stalks on Friday and they are nice and sharp at the moment. All we need is some warm weather to encourage them a bit.

Thats it for this week!

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