28th July, 2015.

Hello and welcome to our weekly update.

Cherry RowsCherry picking is nearly at an end thanks in part to the downpour we have had over the weekend. After having almost no rain since May, we had nearly 2" over the weekend. Good for the Apples, Pears and Plums. Not so good for the Cherries!

Depending on the weather, we may pick a few plums at the end of the week. Our earliest variety is called 'Opal'. Not a very large plum, thanks in part to it being half Greengage, it has a nice colour similar to Victoria, but a little darker, and a lovely sweet flavour. We pick over the Opal trees about 4 times, taking the ripest ones off and leaving those that still have a little while to go.opal plums

Apples will not be long either! We should start Discovery in about 2 weeks time, depending on the weather. We have lots with enough colour, but not enough size. Also this season we will have some Rosette. A new improved Discovery with a better flavour, colour and skin finish. It also has the most fantastic red flesh and makes a very colourful juice as well!

That's about it for this week.

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