25th of September, 2017

Hello and welcome to this weeks farm news update.

The apple picking is still going strong, this week we will hopefully pick the last of the tree ripened Cox's. We are currently picking Spartan, Elstar, Ashmead's Kernel and Kidd's Orange. These will be available in our shop from this week onwards at the bargain price of only £1.20 / kg.

We also have pre-packed apples that are ideal for lunch boxes or juicing at home, the bags have 9 apples in and weigh between 900g and 1 kg and are available at only £1 each. One of your 5 a day for not even 12p each!

As the hot weather in June has made the apples ripen quicker, we will give you a few tips for keeping your fruit in the best possible condition.

With apples, keep them in a loose fitting bag, either plastic or paper, in the bottom of the fridge. This will help them to keep for much longer and still be nice and crisp.

Pears on the other hand need a bit more attention. Because they ripen from the inside out, they can look perfect, but be all sleepy in the centre. The best way to stop them misbehaving like this is to place them into the bottom of the fridge when you get them home, then the next day take a few out and place them in the hottest place in your house. The bigger the difference in temperature, the quicker they will ripen, then to check when they are perfectly ripe, give them a pinch at the top by the stalk. When they are soft here and you can leave a dent without too much pressure, they are ready to eat.

Thats all for this week.

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