25th of June, 2018

Hello and welcome to our farm newsletter.

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at the farm, with Cherries making an earlier than usual start thanks to the warm dry weather. We have already finished Burlat, the earliest variety and we are now currently picking Summer Sun and Samba this week. The fruit size is good despite the lack of moisture with an excellent flavour.

The Raspberries are now coming along nicely, as well as the Strawberries. We have also had our first pick of Gooseberries, but they have been slightly smaller than usual, this is down to the lack of rain.

Apple thinning continues, we had suffered a small amount of hail damage earlier in the year, thanks to a particularly loud thunderstorm. Hopefully this is all the hail we will get this season, but with a very hot week forecast, there may be a bit more to come!

The plum, damson and greengage crop looks slightly on the light side this year, but the size should be quite impressive, particularly with the Victoria Plums.

That is all for this newsletter, see you again soon.

Ringden Farm.

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