20th of August, 2018

Hello and welcome to our farm newsletter.

Both Plum and Apple Picking have started now, we will be finishing off the last of the Discovery this week before picking Worcester Pearmain. The Discovery have been much sweeter than usual this year, thanks to all of the sunshine over the summer.

Victoria Plums have started, although not a huge crop this year thanks to the cold and wet weather at blossom time, they are larger than normal with a fantastic skin colour, the recent rain has helped to make them nice and juicy as well!

We have started to press apples for private customers for the season, if you have bought in any fruit up until last Friday you will be receiving a phone call very soon!

It won't be long before we start picking pears, the Williams have suffered in the heat this year, so we will be starting the season with Beurre Hardy, a lovely smooth textured pear with a rose water like flavour, followed quickly by Conference in early September.

That is all for this week, thanks for reading!

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