19th September, 2017

Hello and welcome to our farm update, I will admit there has been a slight gap since the last update!

The season is well underway, with all of the pears already picked. We are currently about halfway through the apples at the moment, so the end is nearly in sight.

We are currently offering our Bring & Bottle service, this will be available all the way until November. If you haven't used the service before, in a nutshell, you bring in apples and about 3 - 4 weeks later, collect your juice. The whole process is explained here https://www.ringdenfarm.co.uk/make-your-own-juice/

This season has seen much variation in yield, mainly down to the hard frosts that were about in the spring, if you managed to avoid those, the trees have been absolutely loaded with fruit. So if you have an excess, then feel free to bring them along and have them juiced to preserve the taste of autumn now the nights are drawing in.


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