17th August, 2015

Hello and welcome to our update.

Autumn is nearly with us! We have finished Cherries and have started picking Apples, Plums and Greengages.

The apple crop looks to be quite good this year, with lots of dry, warm weather over the growing season, combined with fairly cools nights the fruit has a good skin finish, excellent colour and very good sugar levels.

The only downside of a dry season is that the fruit tends to be a bit smaller, but the rain we had last week has gone a long way to increase the fruit size.

Discovery picking is in full swing and we have started picking Bramley as well, Plums are going well, with Opal nearly finished and Jubiluem just starting. Victoria's should be starting towards the end of next week. They are nearly there, they just need a bit more colour.

Pears are nearly ready, with possibly some Williams next week.

Thats all for this week.

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