16th September, 2015

Hello and welcome to our update.

There hasn't been one for a little while as we have been very busy in the Orchard!

Discovery, Katy, Worcester Pearmain, Tydemans Early Worcester, Laxton Fortune, St. Edmunds Pippin, Lord Lambourne, Red Windsor, Williams and Beurre Hardy have all been picked now, ready for Cox picking to begin. As usual the weather has turned wet just at the wrong time making the orchard a muddy mess!

Apple juicing has begun again, with over 180 customers already delivering apples to us to turn into juice for them, so if you have too many apples in your garden or allotment, consider bringing them down to us and we will turn them into delicious juice that you can enjoy all year round. The price this year is the same as last year, at £1.30 per litre bottle. don't worry if you only have a few apples, we will blend them in with other similar varieties  for you.

Thats it for this update, hopefully see you soon.

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