15th August, 2016

Well, that was quite a gap from the last update! We just haven't had the time so far this year to update the news feed as often as we would like.

The growing season has been an odd one this year with a warm spring bringing everything forward quite quickly, then a cold wet June that has put everything back again, so we are about 4 days later than last year.

We have started picking Plums with Opal the first to be picked, followed by a few Bell's and Victoria starting within the next week, weather depending. Greengages have started well with Reine-Claude Ouliins being very large this year, the Reine-Clude Doree will not be long either.

The apples look good this year, with excellent colour so far, the skin finish is good with only a small amount of russeting due to the cold weather in June. We have started Bramley for the season, they are extra sharp at the moment, but will mellow as we go through the year. We are starting Discovery this week, they have had the right amount of colour for about a week now, but the sugar levels have been quite low, due to the cold weather in June, but they are starting to develop their distinctive flavour now, so not long to wait!

That is all for this week, hopefully I will get some time to give you an update next week as well!

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